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Molly’s Tips to Transition into Fall Seamlessly

Written by Dahvi Shira

The summer nostalgia has started to set in, and work + school are back in session.  Even though there’s always some sadness to summer’s ending, there’s also an excitement in the air for the months ahead.  This year, Molly’s given us some of her favorite ways to transition seasons, as well as a few special items she’s picked up for it.  Thankfully, she doesn’t gatekeep, so you’re in for a treat. 

With colder weather comes drier skin, so she likes to kick things off with a little hydration.

“At the end of Summer, you’ll want to get water and moisture back into the skin as much as possible,” Molly shares. “It's not that I necessarily stop exfoliating during this time, but instead, I just reach for my Xtremely Rich™ Moisturizer a bit more often."

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During the summer, Molly typically skips moisturizer in the morning, as she likes to finish with our Skin Glow SPF 30 Primer, since it’s already a pretty hydrating formula.   However, in the fall and winter, she’ll implement it back into her morning routine, before applying our SPF primer as the last step (and yes, she wears sunscreen year-round!).  And no matter the season, she always uses Xtremely Rich™ Moisturizer in the evening, to ensure her complexion is locked in with moisture while she sleeps.   

For more skin assistance during this transitional time, Molly also stresses the importance of circulation.  “I do a lot of gua sha to help bring blood flow back into the skin, since this can also help to hydrate your face,” she says.  “I also love to wear a great lip mask when my lips are feeling particularly dry at the end of summer.”

With the change of seasons also comes the shift of makeup trends, and Molly’s classic fall favorite is a burnt golden eye with a beautiful, glossy lip to pair.  However, if she’s feeling like she wants to go a bit darker, she reaches for a burgundy matte lip that looks more like a stain. 

This year, she’s particularly fond of the strawberry makeup trend to give cheeks some natural-looking, flushed color.  To complete this simple daytime look, she’ll just do a couple swipes of mascara and a little lip gloss to finish.

“There’s this trend on TikTok I’m also loving this season, which is applying Aquaphor not only to your lips, but also on the eyelids for a glossy touch to eye makeup,” Molly adds. “I’m excited to try this look with chic glitter shadows, like my personal favorites:  Victoria Beckham's Lid Lustre in Tea Rose, or Jones Road Sparkle Wash in Midas..

And what’s an elevated makeup look without good style to match?

You can't go wrong with a classic v-neck sweater, or a turtle neck for fall,” Molly says.  “I also love a tailored shirt, which perfectly pairs with a wide denim pant and skinny belt.  Want to elevate it a bit?  Complete it with a ‘90s oversized blazer for a timeless, elegant look.”

For more accessories this season, Molly always loves a trench coat, and if you’re willing to make the investment (which if not in fall, then when?!), she suggests snagging a pair of Hunter Boots

As far as prints go, Molly is particularly favoring hearts, which she’s noticed are having a major comeback –  she’s already loving her new Alaia Heart Bag.

Now that all the styling preparation is done, it’s time to get serious and back into routine.  As a working mom, Molly relies on her calendar for everything. 

“I cannot live without it,” she says. “I put everything in there like teachers’ birthdays, sporting events, parent teacher meetings – everything.  And on top of that, I color code. Yes, I am that person."

Molly continues, "I even started creating one-pagers for myself on all the events coming up, so I can see everything on the horizon and not feel overwhelmed.”

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And in between the crazy schedules of it all, Molly always tries her best to find at least one moment of self-care in the day.  

“Something that maybe not everyone does, but I try to make a point to do, is allow a moment to myself,” she says. “Typically this means a quick 30 minutes where I meditate, workout, or just sit in silence to turn off the chaos. For me, I need this time in order to feel good and be the best version of myself throughout the day.”

With the new season, Molly also likes to kick off with a healthy start getting back into clean eating and regular fitness.  However, she says she focuses more on whole foods and portion control, rather than fully cutting foods out.

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“I believe in having fun and saying yes to things in life, so I try not to restrict myself too much.  If I indulge too much one day, then I just get back into routine the next day,” she explains. “I also try to switch up what I eat, like my fruits, veggies and proteins, so it doesn't ever feel too boring.” 

And in terms of fitness, she admits it’s an ongoing battle, but she gets it done.

“Does anyone really want to work out?” she says. “No, but it's something you need to do for your mental and physical health, plus I always feel better after.  I’m usually only able to get in a workout 3 times per week, so I make those hours count as much as possible, so they’re super effective.”

So go ahead, buy your new planners, curate those chic outfits and snag your best burgundy lip – because as much as we all pretend not to love fall, ‘tis the damn season.