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Molly’s Fall Moodboard

Written by Dahvi Shira

As summer came to a close, Molly shared how to seamlessly transition from bikinis to boots. And now that we’re finally in the thick of fall (hallelujah!), our founder shared all that she’s inspired by and especially fond of this year.

Because color is so strongly representative of the season, let’s start there first. This season, chocolate brown and red hues are Molly’s current go-to’s.  “These colors already resonate so well with timeless Autumn trends, and they’re especially chic when worn together.  Plus, I feel like they really do complement everyone that wears them,” she said.

Now if she isn’t pairing these shades together, you might find her in plum, another pantone she’s been reaching for recently.  And there’s a good chance she’ll be wearing plum as accents on an oversized blazer or tailored shirt, paired with high-waisted jeans and a classic skinny belt.

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And if there’s anything we all can’t wait to change with the Fall season, it’s our nails. “Espresso nails are so in right now, and they really work with any outfit,” Molly said.  “If you’re looking for something a bit brighter, though, red is always my classic go-to, like OPI’s Big Apple Red or Queenny’s Vivid Red 001

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When it comes to her skincare routine, Molly stands by the NūFACE microcurrent devices, which she’s been using for years. “My face looks more toned and sculpted when I use it consistently,” she explained.  “The low electric currents in the device literally contour your skin and even out tone. And it’s designed for all skin types, so it completely lives up to the hype.”   

As far as her routine goes, she loves to first do this in the morning right after washing her face to depuff from any overnight fluid retention.  She then follows in with her YSE Beauty Morning Cocktail Vitamin C Serum to brighten her overall complexion (especially during these darker months) and follows with the brand’s Xtremely Rich Moisturizer to ensure her skin feels smooth and hydrated during this drier season.  All in all?  She refers to this process as “her perfect five-minute self-care routine (especially as a busy mom).”

  • Danessa Myricks Beauty Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color: this multipurpose pigment can be used as an eyeshadow, lip stain + blush, plus its longwear and waterproof.  Molly’s current favorite is a sandy beige metallic, Milky Way.  
  • Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick:  Molly’s very fond of the shade Obsessed, “this shade of red is perfect for the daytime to nighttime look.  I can wear it during the day during meetings, then reapply on the way to dinner for a fresh, bright finish.”
  • YSE Beauty Vacation Glow Highlighter Stick:  Molly’s really excited to be able to use this skincare-makeup hybrid from now until the Holidays, because it really does give that little extra glimmer to highlight your cheekbones + brow bones
  • Merit Flush Balm Cheek Color Molly frequently wears the soft berry shade Après explaining, “if you’re not applying a berry shade to your cheeks during fall, you’re missing out. This lightweight blush goes on so smoothly, providing just enough flush without looking too dramatic.”

After all the trends are said and done, next comes the sweets – because what’s better than a little indulging this time of year?!  Whether it’s Halloween, Thanksgiving or somewhere in between, it’s the season to give into your sweet tooth.  And Molly definitely loves to have fun indulging in these treats with her family.  Lately, she’s been surprising her kids with brownies from Sweet Laurel Bakery, which also has great gluten-free options.

Looking for the melt-in-your-mouth kind of cookie?  She swears by Farmshop chocolate chip cookies from L.A.’s Brentwood Country Mart, and genuinely refers to them as “the best cookies you’ll ever have” – did you hear that?!

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However, some nights it’s more fun to bake with the kids, rather than bring home the sweets. On those cozy Fall nights when she’s hanging at home with the little ones, she loves baking Cappello’s Cookies. “They’re so easy to make,” she said. “I usually make them at least twice a week – they’re such a big hit in our house.”

And then of course, there’s Halloween –their family’s personal favorite. “We are huge on Halloween,” Molly said.   “Our favorite aspect of the fall is decorating the house for Halloween, and we typically have the kids decide the theme each year.  The only year this did not turn out as fun was when Brooks chose ‘Killer Clown’ theme.   Our house was nothing short of chainsaws and scary clown faces…and let’s just say it was a bit too realistic and frightening.”

This year, their family has opted for something a little less intense, but still fun and in the spirit, nonetheless.  “We’re doing a full witch theme, which is my favorite because I love anything to do with magic.  We have cauldrons all over the house, filled with fake potions and cobwebs in every corner.  We’re all loving the look this year and it’s been really getting us into the spooky mood.”

Wishing you a haunting (yet happy!) fall season.