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Packing for the Holidays: Molly's Methods

Written by Jordan Johnson

Heading home for the holidays?  Or jet-setting off to somewhere tropical to get out of the cold weather?  Wherever you’re en route to, packing always feels like the big to-do, especially before you can truly enjoy vacation.  

Catching a flight always feels stressful – especially if you also have the kids to pack – so your list of things to bring shouldn’t be.  As the ultimate jet-setter herself, Molly has shared a few of her most beloved items to travel with this Holiday season, so her destination always feels a bit more like home. 

Say goodbye to dry hands…

Within seconds of being in the air, it’s always dehydration that comes first.  To combat that not-fun feeling of dry skin, Molly loves Necessaire’s NEW Hand Retinol Cream.  Because who doesn’t want to moisturize their hands, while also turning back time for younger-looking skin?  Yeah.. we’ll take two.

And dry hair…

Upon landing and checking into the hotel, Molly heads for a shower to rinse off that not-so-cute flight feeling.  And since hair always seems to take the first beating with changing climates, she always reaches for her K18 Repair Hair Oil post-shower to give the ends of her hair some much-needed R&R.  

Next comes the puffiness…

To immediately combat a swollen face, she relaxes in a bathrobe with her Knesko Collagen Face Mask on.. Now, this is relaxation.  After the mask sets in for a bit, she’ll remove the sheet and go in with her gua sha to really contour and de-puff her face.  Hello, snatched.

Feeling the airport snacks (or wine?)

The ultimate supplement to travel with, and the one Molly swears by, is her Arrae Bloat pills.  Whether it be the flight, or the cocktail with dinner you’ll enjoy on the first night of vacation (as you should), you might wake up on day two feeling not so great.  To skip this feeling altogether, pop 2-3 pills right after your meal + before bedtime, and a flatter belly is already on the way.  

Don’t skip your skincare routine…

Now we all know it’s pretty easy to skip normal routines on holiday, but it’s not necessarily recommended.  As we say here at YSE, consistency is key, so it's very important to keep up your regimen as usual… which is why we just launched our NEW holiday kit, The Perfect Nightcap.   Its cosmetic bag is custom-designed by Molly to fit everything you need, and she specifically wanted to give travel sizes of our full PM routine, so you could have TSA-approved sizes of our skincare, so your skin stays radiant + happy while you travel, never stressed.

Before catching zzz’s…

Molly’s a huge bookworm, especially on vacation –  As she cozies up in bed to read a book, Molly applies her Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask for intense hydration while she sleeps.  And although this may be her nighttime ritual, let’s be real.. She loves to put it on throughout her entire day.  It’s any gal’s ultimate beauty bestie.

Rise and shine…

Now that she’s settled in and officially on vacation, Molly wakes up the following morning and reaches for two things:  coffee and her Rodial’s Bee Venom Jelly Eye Patches.  Whatever the time change, or lack of sleep due to jet lag, these eye patches soothe and brighten her under eyes, so she looks refreshed… and feels even better.

And now, at her home away from home, she’ll soak in all the time with her husband and kids.  Yeah, this time of year might be a bit crazy, but there’s also nothing like it.  So make the most of your mileage with some of her favorites –  trust us, you’ll be throwing them in every carry on you have to pack going forward.