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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: The Legends Issue

Written by Alli Forde

Let’s take a moment to bask in this legendary moment… shall we?

As we flip through the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Legends Edition, who do we spy with our little eye? None other than Molly Sims — our trailblazing founder and forever muse. Set to hit stands on May 14th, this issue isn't just a collection of beautiful faces, but a tribute to the resilience and allure of women who have become bonafide legends in their own right. 

 YSE Beauty

For the past thirty years, from Paris runways to SI’s sun-kissed shores, Molly has pushed beyond boundaries to bring tangibility to the legendary female. First appearing on the Sports Illustrated cover in the early 2000s, Molly redefined the modern supermodel.  Remember the iconic 30 million dollar diamond bikini? Yep, that was Molly in 2006, making headlines worldwide. 

Fast forward to today, she’s back – her signature charm adorning the pages of the SI Swimsuit Legends Edition alongside a bevy of legendary ladies like Christie Brinkley, Tyra Banks and Kate Upton. But let’s make one thing clear – Molly, like many of the iconic women amongst her at this shoot, is more than just a certified knockout.  She’s a mom, a visionary, and an entrepreneur tenfold. A business owner and the creative genius behind YSE Beauty, Something Happy Productions, and her podcast Lipstick on the Rim, she has her hand on the pulse of female empowerment beyond the skin’s surface – and her passion serves as the beating heart of every company she has started.

 YSE Beauty

At YSE, we define a legend as someone who tackles challenges with grace and guts, champions the right cause – even when the odds are stacked – and always extends a hand to uplift others (see also: women). Molly is our exemplar. With poise, purpose and grit, she has consistently risen above life’s challenges, while also elevating everyone in her orbit at the same time.

In this special edition of Sports Illustrated, she proves that true beauty and strength not only defy the ticking clock, but those things can also flourish with it. It’s a full-circle moment, a nod to the past, and a celebration of the present and future. 

 YSE Beauty

So, here’s to you, Molly! As you grace the pages of Sports Illustrated once more, we’re reminded of the power of timeless beauty, the kind that radiates from within and leaves an indelible mark on the world. Thank you for being our eternal muse, our guiding light, and the embodiment of everything YSE Beauty stands for. As we celebrate this iconic feature, we are reminded that every woman has the potential to be legendary.  Whether you're conquering boardrooms, raising future leaders, or are a new mom simply just trying to find your car keys (seriously, where did they go?), remember: you are the legend in your own story.

Be sure to grab your copy of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Legends Issue on May 14th and celebrate this iconic moment with us. Here’s to the legends—past, present, and future.

Made for the legendary you.
 YSE Beauty