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The Secret Skincare Hacks That Will Transform Your Makeup Routine

Written by Alli Forde

A bad makeup day we’ve all been there. 

There is nothing fun about fussy touch ups, slippery foundation, or unwanted dryness interfering with your base. And when you have to make the decision between adding another layer or starting all over, you end up wallowing in the extra twenty minutes of vanity time that will single handedly ruin your night. 

But, we think we know your problem, and it might not be the makeup’s fault. To get your products applying like butter, step number once is a balanced base – and with the correct skin prep, you’ll never have to bask in the nightmare of splotchy makeup again. 

After testing countless techniques and changing variables, we’ve boiled it down to five skincare tips that will transform your makeup application. And not just because they sound nice — but because they actually hold up. Honed by the pros and tested by yours truly. Play some music, and let’s go. 

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#1 Roll, then Rinse


Before you even think about touching that foundation, let’s talk skin prep. Gua Sha and face rolling aren't just a recent fad; they are ancient foundational practices that can elevate your skin’s overall health and radiance. These tools, whether jade, rose quartz, or our fav, the Golden Sculpt Face Roller, not only help to depuff and define but also invigorate your skin with a natural glow that no highlighter can mimic.

But order matters, and you might want to consider depuffing before anything else – especially if you’re reaching for a face oil as your gliding agent. Oil breaks down makeup, and if your skin hasn’t absorbed product fully before your makeup goes on, your foundation might get patchy as it duels the residue. So, roll your face out before you cleanse your skin. Or, do both at once with the Take It Off Gel Oil Cleanser. This facilitates a smoother glide and infuses the skin with circulating benefits that go deeper than the dermis. Rinse the product off after your lymph routine is over, and there you have it: snatched bone structure with a side of squeaky clean skin. 

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#2 Exfoliate... Gently.


Ditch harsh scrubs that promise the world and strip your skin. Instead, reach for Your Favorite Ex Exfoliating Pads. These pads offer a gentle way to exfoliate, sloughing away dead skin cells and smoothing your skin’s texture to create an immaculate canvas for makeup application. They're essentially like having a mini-facial at your fingertips.

For those looking to elevate their game even further, consider incorporating dermaplaning into your routine. Often overlooked, this tried-and-true method not only exfoliates but also removes the layer of peach fuzz on the skin's surface, allowing for better grip and a brighter base.

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#3 Soak it All In


Turns out your mother was right: good things do come to those who wait. Allowing your skin ample time (in a dream world, about an hour) between your skincare routine and makeup application ensures optimal absorption of skincare products. This reduces the chances of mishaps like slipping or pilling, as well as boosting your makeup’s staying power. Plus, it gives you the perfect excuse to lounge around just a little bit longer in your robe. And you know we’ll always take the opportunity to bask in a few extra minutes of self-care.

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#4 Don't Skip On Primer


Think of primer not just as a prep step, but as an essential bridge between your skincare and makeup. Our Skin Glow SPF Primer goes beyond smoothing; it blends with your skin to fortify and enhance adherence, ensuring your makeup stays impeccable all day. With its built-in SPF and luminous finish of light-scattering microspheres, it practically puts your highlighter out of a job. Embrace a ‘less is more’ philosophy here; a minimalist approach prior to foundation ensures your look will hold without slipping.

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#5 Partner Your Products


The synergy between your products can make or break your look. For instance, water-based foundations like Saie’s Skin Tint or Armani’s Luminous Silk should be paired with similar water-based moisturizers like our Xtremely Rich. Think: water with water, oil with oil. This principle isn’t just cosmetic — it’s chemical.  Properly paired, your products work seamlessly, ensuring your makeup not only sits pretty, but also maintains the health and hydration of your skin throughout the day.

In the world of makeup, the devil is in the details.  With the right tools at your fingertips and these expert techniques up your terrycloth sleeves, not only will your makeup hit the mark every time, but you’ll actually start to enjoy every minute spent in front of the mirror.