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5 Ways to Get Your Glow Back This Summer

Written by Dahvi Shira

The blasted heater during winter and much of spring did wonders for our comfort level and our souls, but let’s be real—it was disastrous for our skin. Combined with outdoor cold, we’ve been left with parched skin that can’t be saved by even the most acclaimed #skintok trends on TikTok (we’re looking at you, skin flooding). There’s no question we’re in need of fresh summer beauty tips. 

Each season ushers in a new wave of beauty necessities, and summer is no exception. Yes, a few slight skincare swaps are required to recover from the winter chill, but no, you won’t break the bank or step out of your comfort zone. Keep reading to understand what the change in seasons means for your skin, and uncover our 5 essentials for a summer skin reset.

What to Expect During Your Summer Skin Transition

We’re creatures of habit, so the thought of rearranging something like our entire wardrobe for a new season can feel more tedious than dinner with our in-laws. Well, guess what? Restructuring for the new season doesn’t end there. As we transport our trench coats and galoshes to the guest closet, we must also prep for movement in our skincare cabinet. Thanks to changes in temperature, humidity and sun exposure, we need transitioning skin care products that adhere to the shift.

While switching up your routine can feel tedious, the good news is the new season welcomes the best kind of weather for our skin. Not too hot, not too cold, your skin will start retaining more moisture and feel less dry. But the onset of sunny days means the need for more SPF (which you should be wearing daily regardless!). You’ll likely have to apply more rigorously, depending on the heat and how much you sweat. 

It’s also important to consider allergies. While May flowers impress all the neighbors looking at your perfectly manicured garden, they also bring upon high pollen counts, which can trigger allergies and skin irritation flare-ups.   

And if you’re acne-prone, you already know that unfortunately each season welcomes a fresh set of challenges. Increased humidity can cause excess oil production, leading to more breakouts. With that, read on for the 5 essentials you need for a summer skin reset.

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1. Invest in an Effective Cleanser—and Never Miss This Step!

Even though cleanser rinses right off, you don’t want to skimp on your selection. A cleanser packed with powerhouse ingredients is important year-’round, but during the hotter days especially. SPF and sweat clog pores, so sunbathing in your bikini requires some extra TLC for the face. An effective cleanser will get the gunk out of pores and remove excess oil, dirt and pollutants. 

If you’re wearing makeup, the double-cleanse is key. Ideally you’ll want to melt the makeup off with a balm or oil-based cleanser, and then follow up with a gel or foam. The YSE Beauty Take It Off Gel-Oil Cleanser is a multitasking oil-gel hybrid designed to provide double-cleanse results in one fell swoop without stripping moisture. But you can of course go in for another round if you feel like anything unwanted lingers on your skin. 

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2. Exfoliate With Care

Consider your summer skincare routine incomplete without exfoliation. Think of exfoliating your skin the way you think of spring cleaning your closet. By sloughing off dead cells, ridding excess sebum and clearing out pores, you’re essentially giving your skin a fresh slate. Out with the old, in with the new!

Whether in the form of a dermaplane tool (women shave their face, too!), physical scrub or chemical pad or toner, exfoliating leaves you with a glowier, more even complexion, and makes way for skincare and makeup to go on smoother and penetrate deeper.

If you’re new to dermaplaning or you have sensitive skin, opt for a gentle exfoliating product such as the YSE Beauty Your Favorite Ex™ Exfoliating Pads that brighten your skin without removing moisture. You can use these 2-3 times a week, but not in conjunction with retinol in your nighttime routine.

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3. Shine Bright With Vitamin C

Whether you’re a skincare newbie or an old pro, Vitamin C is ready for you. If bright, glowy summertime skin is your goal (and what else would it be?), then this protective antioxidant is your calling.

Vitamin C is a fan favorite among the masses because it comes in serum, cleanser, moisturizer and more. It’s also hydrating, redness-reducing and collagen-boosting. If your skin is looking dull or your pores feel especially clogged, look no further. Dealing with hyperpigmentation? This is your new BFF. Our rec? The YSE Beauty Morning Cocktail Vitamin C Serum, containing three forms of stabilized Vitamin C to supercharge your skincare routine this summer.

And what goes with Vitamin C like peanut butter with jelly? SPF, of course! Applying sunscreen is a must with this ingredient because it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, and sunscreen deflects UV rays. Afterall, a beet-red face looks good on no one, amirite? But more on SPF below.

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4. Keep the SPF By Your Side

They say “don’t believe everything you hear…” except when it comes to SPF. Whether it’s been preached by your grandmother, or the 22-year-old lifestyle influencer you follow on Instagram, SPF is a universal must for everyone—so listen up! UVA and UVB rays are responsible for up to 80% of premature skin aging signs.  

A broad spectrum sunscreen protects against both UVA rays (responsible for premature aging) and UVB rays (which result in sunburn). So even on those calm overcast days when not a drop of sweat expels from your pores, you’re still at risk. The clouds are simply blocking the appearance of the harmful UV rays, but surprise! They’re just as present and can still penetrate the skin. Bottom line? Use SPF daily. 

It’s also important to note that the suncare category has expanded greatly in the last couple of years, so you have SPF in the form of oils, serums, lotions, you name it. And you’re not limited to one signature scent. Basically, there’s something for everyone.

5. Switch Up Your Moisturizer

Winter had you globbing on moisturizer like cake on your wedding day—but summer skin care is a different story. As temps rise, skin has a tendency to produce more oil and sweat, which can lead to clogged pores (*cough* breakouts) if heavy creams are used. Switching to a lighter moisturizer (or even just a serum if your skin is very oily) will help prevent unwanted visitors. Added bonus if your moisturizer has built-in sunscreen. 

The YSE Beauty Xtremely Rich™ Moisturizer works to help improve skin barrier function and rebalance the microbiome, aiming to leave you with healthy, radiant and brighter skin. For best results with any moisturizer, you’ll want to apply it in circular and upward motions to stimulate blood circulation and aid relaxation. This can help plump the skin, and in some cases, even tighten.

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Be Selective With Your Skincare

Buzzwords and TikTok trends are fun, but at the end of the day, you’ll want your skincare routine driven by more than just aesthetics and fads (not that those can’t partially influence your collection).

In addition to scientifically backed formulas with high levels of active ingredients, it’s important to choose ethically responsible skincare. This comes down to how ingredients are sourced, how products are tested and how products are packaged and recycled. It’s 2023—something like cruelty-free, for example, shouldn’t even be a question!

Do your research, address your priorities, and be willing to forgo a few lattes to splurge on something that will majorly benefit you in the long run. Among the most important summer skincare tips to note: Everyone’s skin is different—so before you get influenced by someone on social media, speak to a professional about you.

For ingredients that are both buzzy and clinically proven to be effective, see below. 


You may be familiar with retinoids, or derivatives of Vitamin A. Think of retinoids as the “popular kids.” They’re always welcome, everyone hypes them up, and they’re the life of the party (ok, life of your skincare routine).  

These are powerful molecules that do everything from increase cell turnover and improve discoloration—to increase collagen production in the epidermis and dermis, and minimize the appearance of fine lines. They can potentially dry out skin, so it’s always important to go slow and steady with initial application and not mix with too many other active ingredients. 

Retinoids come in several forms, including retinoic acid (a prescription-level retinoid commonly known as Tretinoin or retin-A); retinol (the most common retinoid, recommended for all skin types, a great place to get started using retinoids); and retinal (a more advanced form of retinol, recommended for acne-prone skin).


Think of a fence around your house. If it’s not made durably, it’ll collapse under poor environmental conditions and other external stressors. The same can be said for ceramides and the skin barrier. Your skin barrier is the “fence” protecting the rest of your skin, and ceramides keep that fence up and running with lipids that seal moisture into the skin. Without them, the skin barrier is more easily prone to breakouts, sunburns and irritation. What’s great about ceramides is they’re proven to be effective for all skin types and play well with other ingredients. Your face is your castle—don’t let it crumble! 


Niacinamide is a Vitamin B3 antioxidant recommended for all skin types, thanks to its ability to shield the skin from environmental stressors. But it’s especially recommended for people who suffer from extreme redness, rosacea or generally sensitive skin. It has calming, soothing properties, while simultaneously brightening skin and targeting pigmentation. Added bonus? If you don’t have sensitive skin, incorporate Vitamin C into your routine for the ultimate chef’s kiss combo!