Living YSE(ly)

The Inside Scoop to a Celebrity Esthetician's Best Kept Secrets

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

Hollywood is hiding something from you.

Yes, you heard us right. That beloved sheet mask your fav A-lister swears by is the facade shielding the many secrets of what truly goes on during her routine facial appointment. 

Need to know the truth? Don't worry, we're one step ahead of you. 

Our founder Molly sat down with Catherine Esposito to get the dish on everything skin. Catherine is a facialist, esthetician and true face whisperer – to name a few.  She has her hands on celebrity faces from LA to New York, Miami to the Hamptons, and let us just say, she works wonders.

So if you're reading this you're in luck, because we are tackling complexion from top to bottom – why you should be starting particular treatments, the importance of instruments and facial devices, product highlights and her YSE favorites (duh).

Q. What is the right age to begin incorporating facials?

A. I usually say age eleven to thirteen, as it’s the beginning of your hormonal years and a nice time to start incorporating good habits. A lot of facialists offer a teen facial that’s usually pretty gentle, perfect for getting rid of sweat and dirt built up from sports.

Q. What kind of difference does a really good facial make? 

A. For starters, you’re getting a really good, deep cleaning of the skin. But also, it’s hard to get that same level of muscle exercise, blood flow and lymphatic drainage at home. Professionals have tools that are stronger and more capable of accelerating skin turnover, which is crucial for developing the “glow from within” that everyone is chasing.

Q. What’s the importance of lymphatic drainage in the face? Is there a way to incorporate in an everyday manner? 

A. Lymphatic is basically a non-invasive facelift!  You can absolutely promote lymphatic drainage by massaging your face at home, and that’s where a gua sha and YSE Beauty’s Golden Sculpt Face Roller comes into play. The key is to stimulate your lymph nodes before you begin, which are located in the area where your jawline meets your ear, as well as the area underneath your clavicle.  With your fingers, you can gently press and massage with light circular motions in each area to get things moving.   Then, using your face roller, you’ll want to follow along the curvature of your jaw and roll out towards those lymph nodes to get the trapped liquid moving around and out. You want to see a light flush and peek of redness during this process, that means new blood flow to your muscles. It takes two minutes, I usually do it while I’m drinking my coffee in the morning and find it to be a really calming part of my day.   I also love to have an extra in my car, so I can also roll on-the-go.

 YSE Beauty

Q. Let’s talk exfoliation… our hero product is our Exfoliating Pads. Why is a gentle exfoliant something we should incorporate into our routine?

A. There is plenty of dirt, debris, dead skin and black heads that disrupt your complexion from the means of simply living life. Gently exfoliating – key word gentle! – helps smooth your base and allow products to penetrate deeper into the skin.  It’s that one step that people easily skip over, but potentially could make the biggest difference in their skin transformation. I’m a huge advocate for a routine exfoliant.

Q. What is your take on dermaplaning? Is it a bad idea for sensitive skin? Will my hair grow back thicker? 

A. Dermaplaning is fantastic for exfoliation and product penetration, as well as a smoother makeup application. But it isn’t for everyone! It's best to test out your skin’s reaction at a time your barrier isn’t compromised to avoid stripping. An example of this would be if you skin is feeling too dry, which can cause irritation, or if your skin is producing excess oils, it could cause a breakout – so, just ensure to proceed YSE(ly) when starting this (wink wink). And no, you will not grow a beard… regrowth is super simple to maintain.

Q. You love a good skincare device. What do you recommend for women at home? Is red light therapy the right place to start? 

A. Red light therapy is so important for the skin and a perfect place to start. You might not see a huge result right away, but consistency is key. Red light stimulates collagen, is amazing for inflammation… it also serves as twenty minutes of peace, which everyone should be indulging in. A lot of these devices also have blue light which is fantastic for treating acne. I personally use the LightStim ProPanel on clients and recommend the Elipsa for women who want a red light dome at home, and the Omnilux for a mask option. 

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Q. What’s your most reached-for mask during celebrity treatments?

A. The Visolastine Mask is my ride or die. It's nourishing, renewing… a really great secret weapon for dry LA climate. Biologique also knows how to make a good mask. 

Q. What is a product that is worth splurging on?

A. Definitely splurge on the MBR Hylauron Mask. It’s beyond hydrating, you can sleep in it and it’s phenomenal for traveling. A lot of the time I put it on during my plane rides, it’s so great for feeling fresh and hydrated when you enter a new environment. And honorable mention to the Ursa Major face wipes. I love them. 

Q. Tell us a few of your favorite things at the moment… wellness related, makeup related, whatever is in for Catherine.

A. I am so into the cold plunge and sauna. I’m on my feet and use my hands heavily at work, so the contrast therapy helps a ton with my muscular recovery. Cooling the skin down after a workout is really important for those who have rosacea or any type of inflammation. I have a membership at Pause in Brentwood, but even an ice roller can do the trick. 

And as for makeup, I’m loving Bobbi Brown’s new line. The products are so fool proof and easy – I’ve never been one for bold makeup and she somehow has me wearing green eyeliner these days. Her stuff is awesome.

Q. Finally, yes, we have to ask. What’s your hero YSE product? 

A. I love the line so much it’s hard to choose.  When I first tried them, I told Molly I would be honest with her regarding my thoughts on the formulas, but these products are genuinely perfect. My hero is the Problem Solver – I remember calling her after my first two weeks of using it, shocked by the difference in my hyperpigmentation. It’s phenomenal for sunspots, very gentle, and will help minimize imperfections overnight. Hormonal breakouts, flare ups, high cortisol levels, it does it all. No redness, no dryness… I could go on and on. I love having this in my kit.