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Wide Awake with Annie Campbell

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

A caterer, curator, planner, and entertainer – Annie Campbell might be the reason there’s still life left in Los Angeles.

And as the founder of Annie Campbell, a full-service catering and event production company, she knows a thing or two about throwing a good party.

Annie was born in Portland to a tight-knit family who put tradition first, raising her on the importance of the intimate gathering. Upon her move to Los Angeles, she brought just what she needed with her – an innate passion for hosting, and the rusticity of her Oregon roots.

These days, Annie resides in Laurel Canyon where her catch-all party planning business flourishes amongst the stars. From April Fools’ Day to a ceremonial charity gala, celebrations arise and her stylized adornment follows.

Her work intertwines the intricacy of nature with the art of experience – inviting all and inspiring many. She’s sought out by a wide variety of professionals for food styling and recipe creation, working in collaboration with home and lifestyle luminaries, such as Reese Witherspoon, Jenni Kayne and Martha Stewart. And amongst all, she is raising two kids based on the same values she was raised on: community, celebration, and good food.

But on the daily, it’s the memories she gets to create for her family, friends and clients that get her out of bed in the morning. Her various moving parts are best balanced by allowing for less screen time, whenever possible – and of course, by sticking to her style of personal routine. Finding the time to take care of Annie is what makes it possible for family, work, and play to all equally coexist within her life, which is why Wide Awake slipped so seamlessly into her regimen.

“I love connecting beauty with the idea of being refreshed and awake. I can have it with me, reapply it, and have that moment of awakeness and presence when it's needed. It's made me rethink all eye creams I’ve used before.”

When we asked Annie how she stays present amongst her full plate, she gave it up to moments with her family. Backyard festivities with the kids and cozy nights with her husband Greg are the fruit of her labor. And yet, when she breaks down the core of her mission – sharing love, smiles and a happy belly to people that believe in her craft – perhaps labor is the wrong word altogether.

 YSE Beauty

And to ice the cake that is Annie Campbell, we asked her a few more questions about life after the party’s over.

My morning nonnegotiable is... coffee!

Signature weekday uniform? Jeans, white tee shirt, blazer and a Dôen sweater.

Favorite step in your morning skincare routine? My Xtremely Rich Moisturizer

Coffee shop order? An americano with 2 1⁄2 inches of steamed whole milk.

My go to headphone listen is... a podcast (most likely Pivot with Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway).

My de-stressor of choice... Higher Dose sauna blanket.

Something that lives rent free in your work bag? My laptop.

What you left behind when you left your ex – I haven’t had an ex in 22 years!

Death row cocktail... Gin and Tonic! Fords Gin, Fever Tree Tonic, juice of half a lime.

In-flight entertainment of choice? Sex and the City. 

Something you give a f**ck about... The 2024 election. 

Career peak thus far? Cooking for a beloved president