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A YSE Life: Meg Busacca

Written by Alli Forde

California-born Meg Busacca is an interior tastemaker who blends vintage charm with contemporary flair like nobody else. From the sun-soaked beaches of Santa Barbara to the art scene of Rome, and the streets of San Francisco where her career began, Meg’s journey reads like the ultimate creative pilgrimage. With a background in product development, trend forecasting, merchandising, and styling, her expertise is as diverse as it is impressive. After years in NYC making her mark as a design editor, covering everything from interiors to fashion, she decided it was time to swap the skyscrapers for a quaint Connecticut cottage. Now, she’s building her dream business, Busacca, while curating a life as beautiful as her designs alongside her husband, baby girl, and two dogs. 

Home is Where the Art is


Meg’s Connecticut haven is a living, breathing Pinterest board of creativity and intention. It's not so much a home, but an ever-evolving art project. Think French country cottage meets dynamic design studio. Here, she weaves her magic into womenswear and lifestyle gems — from hand-painted watercolors to aprons crafted from reclaimed textiles. In her studio, surrounded by antique fabrics and, of course, her watercolor set, Meg is in her element. “Working with my hands and creating from a place of zero ego but real love is it for me,” she says, with the kind of earnest passion that makes you want to pick up a paintbrush. 

Meg’s ethos aligns perfectly with our own — quality first, and luxury that’s mindful, not mindless. That’s why YSE slips into her day like it was meant to be there, adding a dash of luxury and ease to her rituals and self-care routines as if they were made for each other. 

 YSE Beauty
Image by @megbusacca. Product featured: Liquid Glow Body Oil.

Creatively influenced by years of European travels, our Liquid Glow Body Oil has become an everyday staple for Meg. “I love that feeling when your body is tan, and your skin radiates with this all natural dewiness... the type that enhances your skin, without feeling greasy,” she shared. Perhaps it’s that parallelled feeling of rejuvenation that keeps her on the cutting edge of design, especially when a quarterly trip overseas doesn’t quite fit the agenda.

As far as her own personal intentions, Meg put it simply: "to be in alignment with myself. To feel genuinely connected — mind, body, soul — to all the important pillars of my life. It's a forever work in progress and takes real self-awareness, keenness, and presence." We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

In between her major moments is where the realness lies, and if anyone is fond of the B-Sides, it's her. Here are some moments of off-camera Holly that the catalogs don’t catch.

Quick Q's


My morning nonnegotiable is… extra frothed milk for my cappuccino or matcha, and my homemade green juice.

Signature weekday uniform? A vintage Muumuu

If I never had to sleep I would… play dress up all day styling outfits.

Favorite step of your morning routine? A face mask

My de-stresser of choice is… a bubble bath – essential for my self-care.

Something that lives rent free in your work bag is… my watercolor set.

What I left behind when I left my ex was… putting my intuition on the backburner. Always trust your gut.

Death row cocktail? Extra dirty martini with extra castelvetrano olives

Something I don’t give a f**k about is… what everyone else is doing. Blinders on (& I mean that in the nicest way)!

Career peak thus far? Creating my own journey, doing what I love everyday and connecting with people who recognize my eye is the daily peak

My theme song is… II Most Wanted by Beyonce (currently).

What gets you out of bed in the morning? My baby girl, Colette

My line to live by is… “Where focus goes, energy flows. You are your power. Be kind always, especially to yourself.”

 YSE Beauty
Image by @megbusacca

Her journey from California to Connecticut, from interior design to fashion and beyond, is a narrative of growth and the magic that can happen when creativity meets intention. It’s about grabbing life by the brushes, forging your own path, and inspiring anyone who’s paying attention to live just a little more beautifully.