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Wide Awake through the Eyes of Dr. B.

Written by Jordan Johnson

In anticipation of launching our most-requested product, we asked all of our brand experts to try Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream for the first time, so we could get their honest opinions on the product – before officially releasing it.

And of course, the first expert we handed off our final formula to was Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh (otherwise known as Dr. B.), our licensed advisor and Molly’s personal dermatologist.

Upon first impression, Dr. B. immediately loved its dual-purpose concept:  “I love that this eye cream provides both short term and long term benefits.  It delivers immediate gratification with the microspheres of coverage, so you can visibly see the dark circles disappear, while its caffeine formulation constricts the skin for anti-puff action.”

However, what really caught Dr. B.’s eye was its ability to also achieve long-term results.  She went on to explain, “The eye area is definitely a big concern for a lot of women, and the need to hydrate and moisturize that area becomes really important in preventing any signs of aging.   This truly is a two-in-one eye cream where it resembles a concealer type of coverage, but also carries the anti-aging properties of an eye cream.”

As a recognized dermatologist in the Los Angeles area, Dr. B. explained how many of her patients struggle with the eye area as they grow older, and signs of aging typically show more visibly and earlier on the eyes, before other parts of the face.  

“Because it’s an area with thinner skin, there’s not a lot of subcutaneous fat and tissue to structurally support the muscles in the area, so the skin around the eyes begins to crease and show fine lines from the natural actions of blinking, smiling and laughing,” said Dr. B.

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As our founder, Molly Sims, broke down the ingredient story for her, Dr. B. noted the strong qualities behind our formulation.  She particularly found the antioxidant blend of Wide Awake to be quite significant in delivering results: “Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Shiitake Mushroom and Vitamin C are all so important as they each work to prevent the free radical damage that occurs from environmental factors, which inevitably damages the skin barrier.”

The second most common concern her patients have with the eye area?  Dark circles. She went on to explain that Vitamin C supports brightening with the eyes, and noted how the skin-evening pigments give that visible, immediate gratification of seeing the dark circles disappear.

Next up on the ingredient highlight list was the boost of caffeine and hydration to immediately deliver that refreshed, energized look.  “Caffeine is a really good way to constrict the blood vessels, and the hydrators in this formula plump up those skin cells around the eyes, so you appear more awake.”

And although previously mentioned, Dr. B. further noted the unique addition of Shiitake Mushroom Extract, given its strong ability to protect the skin.  

She explained that because the under eye is a very vulnerable and sensitive part of the face, this ingredient helps to strengthen and reinforce its natural defenses, protecting it from environmental stresses like UV rays and pollution which contribute to quicker signs of wrinkles and fine lines in an already prone area.

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And as a busy working woman and mother, Dr. B. simply enjoys how easy it's been to incorporate Wide Awake into her morning routine:  “It’s basically become that step between my skincare and makeup routines.  I start by doing my full skincare regimen, then I go in with my eye cream applying it over and under the eye.  Once I fully blend it in, I start my makeup, which I now already feel one step ahead of.   Wide Awake has now become my concealer ‘light’ and I don’t wear any other concealer over it.  I just finish my makeup, and I’m set for the day!”