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YSE Gives Back: A Sense of Home

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

Here at YSE, we are women supporting women – beyond just the products she uses on her skin.  As a majority female team, we are constantly seeking out new ways to give back and lend a hand to those who need it. So, when our founder, Molly, heard Taneil’s story, it was an easy yes to getting involved. 

Without the support of a traditional family upbringing, exiting foster care can be extremely difficult, in terms of financial independence and societal participation. Taneil, however, has plans to rewrite that narrative.  She’s currently an advocate for former foster youth and those experiencing homelessness – all while also getting her degree in Political Science at Los Angeles Trade Technical College.  Her future goals fall nothing short of receiving her BA at Howard University and finding a career in advocacy, where she aims to start a non-profit of her own. But, last week, Taneil was focused on moving into her first apartment, a place she can finally call a home of her own. 

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To help bring this milestone of hers to life, the YSE Beauty team partnered with A Sense of Home, a non-profit organization supporting young adults exit from foster care into their own spaces they can make their own.  And because of their incredible cause, we were able to assist in giving Taneil the safe and nurturing place she’s always deserved. 

A Sense of Home is dedicated to fighting homelessness in the foster care community of Los Angeles. With the combined efforts of volunteers, donors, and project partners alike, their team provides home furnishings and household essentials for those in need of a comfortable and stable environment.  So, on Taneil’s “home creation day”, our teams gathered to furnish and decorate her new apartment with the donated items, turning her barren space into a warm and welcoming home. 

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Founders Georgie Smith and Melissa Goddard introduced our team to Taneil and her newly secured apartment, and it was time to begin the renovation. In under two hours, we unloaded the moving truck, built pieces of furniture, thoughtfully organized her belongings, and brought brightness and light into her space – before her return. 

The hard work paid off at the grand reveal. Taneil’s face was adorned with a smile as she saw every detail of her new home – a cozy living room, a functional work space for her studies, a crisp queen bed and an airy balcony seating to enjoy her morning tea.  She was gifted a jar filled with empowering notes from each volunteer involved in her transformation, and access to lifelong resources provided by the ASOH family to ensure stability and support in her new chapter. Nothing compared, though, to the gift that her new home would bring her – a sense of hope for her promising future. 

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Our experience with Taneil and the Sense of Home team served as a hands-on reminder of YSE’s overarching mission. YSE Beauty was created to empower women to push beyond the things that hold them back, whether these obstacles come from outside or within.  Because no matter the circumstance, and no matter the time, any woman should have the opportunity to rewrite her own story.

If you want to get involved, learn how today at https://asenseofhome.org/.

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