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Get Molly's Golden Globes Facial.. From Home

Written by Jordan Johnson

The start of the new year always brings a few things:  new routines, more workouts, some more intention setting and… awards season.   Which, let’s be real, is actually the most fun part. 

To kick off the first red carpet of the year, our founder, Molly Sims, attended the Golden Globes in a gorgeous, gold gown – and with glowing skin, thanks to Catherine Esposito, celebrity esthetician and her personal facialist.  Using YSE Beauty products, and some of her other favorites, Catherine transformed Molly’s complexion (and jawline), so her skin looked and felt camera ready. If you want a step by step visual then click here or continue below.

 YSE Beauty


“The Take It Off Gel-Oil Cleanser is made from all plant-based oils, and you really get the best cleanse with it.  It leaves your skin so nice and fresh, ready to take on the rest of your routine. Plus, it gives you the perfect glide to really massage your face and skin.”


“Something I love to do in the morning, and during client facials, is to use my knuckles to massage the masseter muscles.  It helps with drainage, breaks up the tight tissue and sculpts out the cheeks.  You’re releasing tension from the night before, which I've found many many people have, as many of us tend to clench our jaws while sleeping.  

You want to specifically massage the area where your ear meets the corner of your jaw, as this is where the lymph nodes are located.  Use your fingers to massage, then lightly push the area with fingers to open the lymph nodes, so you can aid in lymphatic drainage.  You can do this little facial massage daily while cleansing to de-puff in the morning."


"Take Your Favorite Ex ™ Exfoliating Pads and go in a circular motion to gently exfoliate the face.  These really helps to reset the skin, get the grime and blackheads out for a fresh, clean base.   The real key in exfoliating is that it allows your skin to actually look brighter and glow even more, because you’re getting rid of those dead skin cells that can naturally dull the texture.  It also helps make the amazing serums and moisturizers you’re putting on top to actually penetrate for a literal glowing complexion."

 YSE Beauty


“For red carpet facials, I love to use my Pagani Skin Tightening Device, which helps to tighten, brighten and lift.  Because of its combination with radio frequency and cryo, it actually confuses the skin into producing more collagen and elastin.  It takes out all the inflammation of the skin by tricking it into thinking it needs to be rescued.  The frequency sends wavelengths to your brain to think it needs to produce more collagen, so it really gives a nice, bright look for the cameras.   I use it with the Hyaluronic Gel they also make, because it really helps to hydrate the skin and make the device really glide across the skin. 


"Next up, we really want to work on the muscles, which I use my medical grade micro-current device for.  However, you can also get the same desired result at home by using the NuFace MicroCurrent Toning Device to engage those muscles.   It sculpts out the cheeks and is really great for circulation.  It also works to lift the muscles, which is super important because our muscles do work with gravity  – and we want to work against it."


“Next up, we use Morning Cocktail Vitain C Serum – this one is amazing, and doesn’t have a smell like other Vitamin Cs do..  It also has Niacinamide in it, which works to calm the skin, reduce redness and overall brighten the skin.  It just feels weightless, too. It’s going to help with any dark spots, and you’re going to want to use it in the morning to fight free radicals, like pollutants.”

 YSE Beauty


Xtremely Rich Moisturizer is just the best for your skin.  It keeps your face nice, plump and hydrated,  and prevents your skin from having issues with brightens.  We want to apply it evenly all over the face to lock in all those beautiful products, then we’re going to roll.”


“Ok, so now we really want those products to penetrate into the skin and make sure they’re doing the work they want.  We’ve stimulated all the muscles, and now it’s time to follow through with some final lymphatic drainage with the NEW Golden Sculpt Face Roller.  It’s also perfect to put in the freezer, and then use cold on the face to really depuff and reduce swelling.   I like to start in the middle of the face, rolling out to the ear, which you’re always going to want to do, so you can push fluid to the lymph nodes to drain.  

As you move to the eye area, switch to the smaller side and get as close to the lash line as possible.  Go slowly around the eye area, as skin is more delicate here.  You definitely want to roll out this area, though, to work on the fine lines that we all get around our eyes.

Continue to roll your entire face ensuring you’re really hitting all the areas of the face.  This really is the perfect final step to complete any routine.   It’s very underrated, but it really does work to depuff and promote lymphatic drainage in the face to get your desired results – and these little habits are the things that will make a big difference over time.  

 YSE Beauty


“Lastly, before we send Molly to get ready in glam, we use actually one of my favorite YSE Beauty items –  Skin Glow SPF 30 Primer.  This product is one of those things you can put on, walk out the door and you genuinely don’t need makeup.  You just look amazing.  It’s really light, you don’t feel like you’re wearing SPF and it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.  It gets rid of pores with a little blurring effect, gives skin a nice little glow.. It’s just that photo-ready finish where you look like a million dollars.”

Ok, well we couldn’t have said that one better ourselves.. 

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