Founder Spotlight

The Beauty Elixir Smoothie – Only at Erewhon

Written by Alli Forde

Here at YSE, we're firm believers in simplicity, especially when it comes to beauty. We know you're out there, balancing your inbox in one hand and your breakfast in the other, and we see you. So, our founder Molly Sims teamed up with Erewhon (because truly, where else?) to create the Beauty Elixir Smoothie, available exclusively throughout the month of April. Dreamed up by Molly and the team at Erewhon, it's for the superheroes without capes — the one’s handling life’s dizzying demands and endless to-do’s, and still looking good all the while. 

 YSE Beauty

What's Inside

Molly hand picked each ingredient to cater to your taste and skin. Made with a multi-purpose, nourishing mix that mirrors the intentionality behind every YSE product, each component was carefully selected to serve a smooth and delicious taste, while also delivering real benefits to your skin. We're talking about an ingredient lineup that would make even the most seasoned Erewhon cashier do a double-take. Sea Moss, the under-the-radar oceanic wonder, delivers with its purifying minerals, while Tocos bursts with Vitamin E to reinvigorate your skin’s defenses. And Lucuma, the natural anti-ager, ensures your glow lasts as long as your day does. A sprinkle of Cinnamon not only makes everything nice, but sends a warmth of circulation for that plump, sought-after dewy look. 

 YSE Beauty

And she didn’t stop there.

  • Malk Almond Milk: Silky smoothness and a boost of vitamin E for skin healing.
  • Almond Butter: A dollop for creamy texture that’s packed with healthy fats for supple skin.
  • Sea Salt: Just a pinch to balance electrolytes and accentuate natural skin hydration.
  • Maca: To energize the body and brighten the skin.
  • Mikuna Cho Cho: Harnesses the power of plant protein to rejuvenate skin and muscle alike.
  • Dates: Sweetens the deal, rich in vitamins for a radiant complexion.
  • Banana: Potassium-packed for hydration, keeping your skin plump and your energy high.
  • Coconut Cream: Gives your smoothie a rich texture and your skin a lush feel.
  • Maple: A drizzle of antioxidants to fight off environmental skin stressors.

So, let’s raise a recyclable, ethically sourced to-go cup to those embracing the grind with a lot more glow and a lot less compromise in their morning. With this smoothie in hand, you won’t just be getting through your day — you'll be glowing through it. 

 YSE Beauty