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Maximizing Hour Zero: How to Conquer Your Morning Before it Conquers You

Written by Alli Forde

In a world where the ding of a text notification serves as our modern day rooster call, carving out a serene morning for yourself can feel like quite the rebellious act —especially for the woman balancing the tightrope walk between career, motherhood, and a spouse that likes to read his morning emails aloud as if he’s a spoken-word poet. With the introduction of our much-anticipated Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream, it wasn’t just about adding another product to our lineup — it was designed to answer our busiest customers' calls for a solution that helps streamline their morning regimens. 

Thoughtfully formulated for the woman who performs miracles before breakfast, this hardworking cream was designed to be multifaceted and multitasking, ensuring that you step out looking like you've mastered the art of a full 8 hours — bright-eyed and ready to conquer.

Here are five not-so-secret tips for transforming that first golden hour of your day into a springboard for success (with a side of self-care).  And at the very least, these tricks can help make a morning that doesn't make you want to hit snooze until next Tuesday.

1. The Tech Truce

Let's be real – the first thing you reach for in the morning should not be your phone (unless it's to throw it across the room for waking you up).  Instead, challenge yourself to not dive headfirst into the digital abyss for the first 10 minutes of your day. Studies suggest that giving your brain a break from the screen can actually make you more creative and calm, not to mention significantly less likely to start your day with a side of existential dread (looking at you, CNN push notifications). Consider banishing your phone from the bedroom altogether.  Out of sight, out of mind, and — most importantly — out of reach. 

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2. Embrace the Chill

Wake up your senses with a routine that's colder than your Favorite Ex's heart—a brisk shower. It's not just for the masochists among us; it's a wake-up call for your body, signaling that it's time to get moving.  Circulation, meet invigoration. And if the thought of a cold shower is enough to send shivers down your spine, start slow with a cold splash of water to the face or a chilled face roller. Then, follow it up with our Wide Awake Brightening Eye Cream to guarantee you look like you slept a full 8 hours… even if you were up all night watching Suits.

3. Set Intentions, Not Alarms

While your coffee brews (read: attempts to resurrect you from the dead), take a moment for some introspection. Jot down your intentions, a few “gratefuls” and a quick agenda for the day. This practice clears your mind and sets a purposeful tone for the day ahead. Whether it's a traditional to-do list or a few lines in a gratitude journal, this simple act of mindfulness can pivot your entire day towards positivity and productivity.  Think of it as a heads up to the universe that you have plans to kick some ass. And if you're feeling extra, light some sage to clear out any lingering bad juju, or even just spirits of procrastination. We’d never judge you.

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4. Sun Salutations, Literally

Consider the fact that your bedtime ritual actually kicks off the moment you peel your eyes open. Sunlight cues your body's internal clock, enhancing wakefulness and signaling the brain to cut the sleepy-time chemicals and start a steady drip of it-feels-so-good-to-be-alive-today chemicals. Greet the day with a dose of vitamin D—a gentle stretch outside, a brisk walk, or simply enjoying your breakfast al fresco can significantly impact your mood and energy levels.

5. Get a Groove On

Before the day's chaos catches up, take a moment for movement. A short yoga flow, a jog around the block, or even an impromptu dance party in your underwear can shake off any remnants of sleep and boost your endorphins for the day. Remember, it's not about breaking any personal records; it's about breaking out of slumber.

By owning that first hour of your day, you're not just boosting your productivity—you’re setting yourself up for a day of intentional living and unstoppable energy (with the glowing skin to show for it).