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Founder In-Flight: Molly's Travel Skin Secrets

Written by Alli Forde

Everything you need to end that 6-hour flight looking even better than when you boarded.

Imagine this: You're 30,000 feet above ground, champagne in hand, and your skin starts to feel the cabin pressure — quite literally. While jet-setting around the globe sounds glamorous, maintaining a glowing complexion through the dry cabin air and the stress of transit is often anything but. But, when you're the founder of a skincare brand, travel doesn't have to mean compromising on your beauty routine. With years of jet-setting under her belt, Molly has refined her on-the-go routine to an art. Here's an insider look at her essential travel companions — from her high-altitude ritual to the makeup selects that keep her looking effortlessly put together, even after a red-eye. Who knew getting from here to there could look so good?

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Pre Flight Prep


Before even stepping foot onto the plane, Molly emphasizes the importance of prep. “The morning before a flight, I always do a deep cleanse with Take It Off followed by a hydrating moisturizer to boost my skin’s hydration levels," she shares. For this, Molly swears by Xtremely Rich™. Its super lush formulation, packed with squalane and hyaluronic acid, is a first-class ticket to hydration heaven, indeed.

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Airborne Essentials


Once her tray table comes down, Molly’s ritual is all about layering and constant hydration. She starts with a clean slate: a spritz of Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer to ensure hands are germ-free. Next, out come the Ex Pads — pre-soaked, rinse free, and exceptionally effective at removing impurities and prepping the skin. “They’re gentle and don't strip away moisture, which is crucial when you’re up in the air,” she notes.

Then, it’s time for a cocktail — and not the kind you sip on. Molly applies a generous layer of Morning Cocktail Serum. “This serum is my go-to for a quick fix. It’s packed with Vitamin C and Niacinamide, and gives my skin that ‘just slept eight hours’ look”. 

To lock in moisture, Molly layers on Xtremely Rich™, a favorite for its lightweight yet powerful formula. “It’s protective and nourishing without feeling heavy — so good for travel and any type of weather.” Her lips and under-eyes also get the first-class treatment, with a deeply hydrating lip mask and revitalizing eye patches — which, hint hint, might just be the next best thing on the horizon.

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Touchdown Touch-Up


No matter the destination, her toiletry bag is packed and prepped to tackle any skin emergency. Among the must-haves are Your Favorite Ex™ Pads, which are indispensable for daily exfoliation and keeping the skin clear and smooth throughout travels.  Next in line is the Morning Cocktail Serum, a burst of radiance in a bottle. This lightweight serum is Molly’s secret to reviving tired, travel-worn skin upon arrival. Infused with vitamins and antioxidants, it provides an instant pick-me-up for a fresh-faced glow that's perfect for stepping off the plane. And for those inevitable travel-induced breakouts, Molly relies on the Problem Solver — particularly handy when stubborn chin spots decide to crash the vacation. When used as a spot treatment, its potent formula works as a quick fix to reduce redness and swelling. 

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Beauty On-the-Move


Traveling light doesn’t mean leaving essentials behind. Molly’s makeup bag contains the staples that have maximum impact with minimal fuss. For her base, she combines the deeply hydrating Xtremely Rich™ Moisturizer with It Cosmetics CC Nude Glow. This duo creates a flawless yet breathable base that nourishes her skin while providing a clean, luminous finish. The moisturizer's rich, emollient texture ensures skin remains hydrated in any climate, a must when hopping from city to city.

She uses Anastasia BH Eyebrow Gel for a quick, refined look that defines and holds her brows in place. For her lashes, she turns to Westman Atelier’s Eye Love You Mascara, known for its ability to deliver voluminous yet clump-free lashes with just a few strokes.

To add a sun-kissed sheen, she uses the Vacation Glow Highlighter Stick. Its creamy formula glides effortlessly over cheekbones, brow bones, and any areas that catch the light, enhancing natural glow without looking overdone. And for lips, Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Posh Gloss in Taglines, paired with Charlotte Tilbury’s iconic Pillow Talk Lip Liner. Voilà! 

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Molly’s travel essentials reflect a mantra we can all get behind: never leave home without your glow. From a solid in-flight ritual to packing the right products, with a little planning, you too can arrive feeling as fresh as you departed.