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5 Tips to Ease Into Bikini Season

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

The beach is calling!

… wish we could let it ring, but it’s fine.

Only a handful of weeks to go until summer, and it’s been about half a year since our legs have seen the light of day. But bikini season should be something to look forward to, and upkeep – for the most part – shouldn’t be a drag. Not to mention, the last thing you want to feel is stressed over what should be an exciting calendar item. 

Just don’t cancel your plans quite yet. 

You might have a whole thirty days to prepare, or maybe your invite to the beach club is coming up this Saturday. Either way, we’ve populated a few preparatory tips to get you right and ready to show some skin this season. It’s a look good, feel good type of summer. 

Tip #1: Bring Some Life Back to Your Skin

We won’t speak for you, but the brisker-than-normal winter took a mega toll on our natural radiance. Routine exfoliation is often on the back burner during the colder months, which means drier and duller skin. So, implementing a timely scrub from head to toe will be your best friend for brightening and rejuvenating the skin's surface. 

 A leave-on exfoliating treatment is your dream product for dissolving that dead skin layer from seasons’ past. But when it comes to the face, gentle is the word of the wise, and Your Favorite Ex™ Pads are just that. Believe us, we’ve never used an exfoliant that reveals this type of glow on the skin surface. Plus, it’s one of those steps in your routine that has immediate results… like, the type you can see on the surface of the pad. Gross? We prefer the term “oddly satisfying”, but okay. 

And for the body? Reach for a dry brush to stimulate blood circulation and remove dry, dead skin cells, swiping the brush upwards towards the heart in long, smooth strokes. We love a good body scrub for a luxurious bath treatment as well – and if you’re in a pinch, your favorite body wash and a good loofa will do. For that next-level glow, finish with a body oil like our Liquid Glow to lock in moisture after a thorough exfoliation, leaving a layer of sheen and radiance that only the sun could match.

Another factor worth considering is the makeup you’re reaching for. The winter often causes us to gravitate towards more mattifying products, and it’s time to turn your routine over to the glow. A glowy primer and a good highlight is the recipe for that glass-skin sheen that you’ve been missing all season, both bringing the glow and encouraging it – with the inclusion of hydrating properties, like avocado oil and sodium hyaluronate.

Tip #2: Give Your Closet a Cleanse

The summer drawers can be quite the time capsule when it comes time to break them open. A lot can change in a year, and if you’re anything like us, overworn pieces from the last-go-around are not going to inspire your transition to beach season. It’s time for that belated spring cleaning – the ideal opportunity to get rid of old looks that no longer serve you.

With a little reorganization and a bit of a purge, you can see what has been hiding and what you’re in need of for the new season. Maybe your denim shorts are way tired, and you’ve seen enough of that one piece that was the main character of Summer 2023 – or, maybe you’ll rediscover an old summer piece that’s back in style. Hoarder or vintage collector… the line is blurry. 

And just like any good closet cleanout, the blank space must be filled – so treat yourself to a mini spree to end your refresh with a bang. We can all agree that a cute new outfit is a guaranteed confidence booster. 

Tip #3: Transition Your Fridge 

When it comes to getting in the groove of a wellness routine, a common theory is to focus 20% of your time on exercise, and 80% on diet. So, while daily movement is important both physically and mentally, fueling your body with nutrient dense foods is step number one. 

You’re probably in the habit of a dated grocery list, and now is the time to revisit the bright summery recipes you’ve saved on Instagram reels. Bell peppers, peaches, tomatoes, zucchini, the brightest of produce is thriving – and the more color in your dishes, the more feel-good benefits you will reap.

Spending some extra time in the kitchen is an easy way to foster the mind-body connection, as well. Surely it makes for a more exciting culinary experience, but prepping meals you’re actually looking forward to is the key to satisfaction. Whip up a colorful pasta salad with the amazing vegetables you can get your hands on, or try out a homemade pesto recipe. Or both, if it’s a Sunday afternoon… but no pressure. 

4. Flush Out the Toxins

You might be feeling a little sluggish and out of your normal routine. If your energy is dull, and you aren’t operating at optimal you, a body detox might do the trick – and there’s many easy ways to do that. 

First, up your water intake and get good sleep. Liquids are the majority of the body’s makeup, so when your system is hydrated, it has less of a reason to shut down on you and hold you back. And a full 8 hours gives your organs enough time and energy to perform their necessary detoxifying functions. 

Another huge help is incorporating lymphatic drainage into your routine – it’s a great way to flush out stagnant liquid and move everything towards your lymph nodes for proper deswelling. Give yourself a loving massage towards the areas that your lymph nodes live (by the groin, armpits, and clavicle bone) in continuous strokes with medium to firm pressure. For the face, roll out to eliminate unwanted puffiness and to unveil a more sculpted surface. Use a gentle tool like the Golden Sculpt Face Roller to help encourage movement, and if you want to overachieve, chill it in a glass of ice water for a few minutes before for an added refresh.

And of course, the obvious: breaking a sweat. Perspiration is the body’s way of eliminating toxins and unwanted substances. Whatever your sweat method might be – a morning jog, a quick HIIT workout, or half an hour in an infrared sauna – spend some time getting your body to reset and revitalize. If a little sweat sesh means the double marg with the tajin rim can stay around… consider us drenched.

 YSE Beauty

5. Treat Yourself

Sometimes, a little TLC is all you need. A great mani-pedi or a meticulous at-home facial, self-care can do wonders for boosting your confidence. Our favorite one-up for beach season though? A good spray tan before you hit the sand.

There’s no shame in the tan-before-the-tan. A little color before a beach vacation makes life that much easier – your makeup appears smoother, your poolside style more flattering, and sometimes it’s that final step to feeling like your pilates subscription has been paying off. To make the experience all worth it, just make sure your skin is well prepped and exfoliated, so the tan develops evenly on your skin. A spray should also be the last service on your list if you want to optimize its staying power, so plan your nail and hair appointments for a few days before. 

If a spray down isn’t your thing, try a gradual self tan lotion that you can build up overtime at home, or an overnight tanning mousse with a good quality tanning mit. And of course, a little Liquid Glow overtop to lock in that sunkissed gleam. That one is a must. 

Getting back to the beach doesn’t have to be scary. If you can integrate just a few tips for that added dose of confidence, a little self love goes a long way. Whatever it takes, we want you to feel good when it’s time to get out there – so you can do you the way you want to. 

Getting back to the beach doesn’t have to be scary. If you can integrate just a few tips for that added dose of confidence, a little self love goes a long way. Whatever it takes, we want you to feel good when it’s time to get out there – so you can do you the way you want to.