Founder Spotlight

The Why behind YSE Beauty's The Overachiever

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

Calling all Overachievers: The Overachiever Brightening Eye Masks have arrived. 

Designed for the modern go-getter, our newest product lets you say yes to self care, even on your busiest days.

We sat down with our founder, Molly Sims, to discuss the development process behind our cutting-edge eye treatment, from formula to finish. 

 YSE Beauty

For Molly, thirty years of a career in modeling means an innumerable amount of product application. Early mornings on set involved bright lights, aggressive eyeshadows, and back-to-back makeup looks. By the end of the day, her eyes were dry, irritated, and in need of a break.  A night of sleep later, she wakes up with puffy eyes and angry skin – just to do it all over again. 

In the present day, both Molly and her skin have grown up. Her wisest years – and the chapter of motherhood – inevitably brought on skin concerns that ultimately led to the need for a solution.

“I have puffy eyes and dark circles now, and I’m hyper aware of my wrinkles and my crows feet. All I wanted was something that did everything for me: hydrated my skin, smoothed my fine lines, de-puffed, and brightened.  And I’m a lover of all things eye masks. I've probably used 50 different kinds of under eye patches in the past 25 years – some I’ve loved, some I’ve hated.  But I never found one that did everything, and that is ultimately why and how The Overachiever came to be.”

 YSE Beauty

In the process of addressing these problems, Molly tested every eye patch under the sun. And when she lined them all up, she realized the common denominator that kept her searching for something better – the inconvenience of the product.

“I don’t have time to lay horizontal for twenty minutes with silicone patches on. I didn't even have time for that before I was a mom.”

We can all picture it – those slimy silicone masks dripping in excess product, sliding down the curvature of your cheek with your every move.  The serum goes to waste, the patches impossible to keep in position. 

“I just want the exact amount of formula I need, to actually soak into my skin.  I don’t want to dig into the container to use the excess product, or feel like it's not penetrating my skin. I want to get what I'm supposed to get out of it, simple as that.”

So, her main mission was to develop a no-slip technology – a serum and patch combination that grips onto the skin as it works – with the right amount of formula, the right patch weight, and a more flexible treatment experience.

“ that technology is pretty new to the product.”

 YSE Beauty

The physical design was crucial. Most patches Molly used in the past were too small to treat the whole area, and she wanted a mask that could treat the entire surface area: the fine lines at the outer edge of the eye, the hollow skin beneath it, and the dark circles that appear in the inner corners. Not every patch can tackle all those concerns at once. So, Molly took on the challenge.

“We went through countless formula variations – more Vitamin C, less Vitamin C, no menthol, yes menthol, caffeine for depuffing.  I wanted to actually feel the product working. I wanted the peptides and the hyaluronic acid in the formula for hydrating and plumping properties, but also the depuffing – and that's why the caffeine stayed.”

Menthol became a part of the formula for the sake of its cooling properties. “Many eye patches I loved irritated my eyes, and I couldn’t bear trading depuffed eyes for inflammation and discomfort. And I  just love the cooling sensation. It has the same depuffing effect of a cold spoon to the eye, or cryo – but for the face.” And, with sustainability at the top of mind, she pushed to create a formula that could eventually be compatible with a reusable patch. Thus, The Overachiever was born – a cooling, hydrating, depuffing serum on a thin, weightless mask – in a chic design, of course.

 YSE Beauty

To put the product to the true test, we asked Molly to spill the latest moments she has been caught Overachieving. Because if the patches claim to be no-slip, we need the proof. 

“I did twenty minutes with a weighted vest on the treadmill this morning. I finished my circuit, took off my vest, my sweaty t-shirt, and patted my face down with a towel. I put on my eye masks and finished the last fifteen minutes of the workout. Went and got a cup of coffee, dropped off my husband, and my kids in the carpool line. I got all that done, came home, and then removed the patches. I don’t miss the days where self-care had to be stationary.  I can do whatever I need, and the patches are just working in parallel.”

 YSE Beauty

Made for the overachievers, by an overachiever. This eye treatment is in favor of your long winded to-do list, and your overflowing agenda. Take them with you and let them work their magic – because if you’re anything like our founder, you’re booked and busy.