Living YSE(ly)

The YSEst Routine Known to Man

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

This Father’s Day, we stop to reflect on the peculiar (yet universal) customs of our beloved father figures. Though every dad is undeniably unique, we can’t help but to appreciate the widely shared quirks that make our dads, well… dads

Dad, we appreciate your inability to stay conscious while laying on a couch, no matter the time of day. 

The unnecessary fib you resort to after waking up on said couch: “I was just resting my eyes''. We don’t believe you, but we appreciate you.

We appreciate the personal relationship you have with the hardware store worker. 

Your sneeze that’s loud enough to wake the neighbors. 

We appreciate the fact that you are skincare curious, as recognized in your timely questioning during our morning routine: “What is that? Do I need that?”. It’s just face wash, and yes you do

Dads, we know you’d like a face regimen of your own, but probably don’t know where to start. We know that you’re overwhelmed by all the gadgets, the multitude of steps, and don’t have much time to spare for yourself. 

Well, look no further. We have analyzed your patterns, processed your concerns, evaluated your capabilities, and are ready to deliver. We present to you the YSE (wise) Guy Starter Set: dad proof, beginner friendly, and straight to the damn point

Note: Nourished skin is directly related to increased performance on the average 18-hole golf course. 

That’s a lie, but still, read on.

Step One: Exfoliant


To all the dads, husbands and brothers out there – All that time spent perfecting your gym circuit and your daily sweat probably has your pores feeling a bit clogged. It’s most likely a combination of perspiration, dead skin, and everyday pollution. Whatever it may be, it’s time for a routine refresh. 

Your Favorite Ex Pads™, formulated with Glycolic Acid, PHAs and Ectoin, are your ticket to squeaky clean skin. If a facial is the equivalent of a car detail, consider this your hand wash. This light chemical exfoliant dissolves remnants of dead skin, softens the texture of the skin, and assists in cell regeneration – it’s basically a restart button for your skin.

Following your morning shower, sweep a pad over a freshly cleansed face. This exfoliant is gentle enough for daily use, but we recommend starting a few days per week before incorporating it into your every day.  The formula is a leave-on solution, so no need to wash anything off. Simply let it dry before moving to your next step. 

 YSE Beauty
image by @91_lane

Step Two – Serum


Next up, Morning Cocktail – aka, your Vitamin C serum. Consider this your multitasking skin food. It’ll brighten up those dark spots you hate, smooth out your skin that’s toughened up over the years, and even out your allover complexion. Plus, Vitamin C is effective at fighting the skin-damaging qualities of UV rays, so if you miss your baby face from college, this is a good place to start – but you better be wearing SPF, regardless

Apply two or three pumps to the skin following your Ex Pads. If you struggle with puffiness in the morning, gently massage the product into the skin to stimulate blood flow and encourage draining. The formula works to hydrate the surface, smoothe your base, and balance out your natural skin barrier. And if you have sensitive skin, ease into daily use over the first month or two.

Step Three – Moisturizer

A thoughtfully lightweight formula, our Xtremely Rich™ Moisturizer is the ideal routine finisher. It’s fragrance-free, velvety to the touch, and leaves no oily residue – but that doesn’t take away from the power of its hydrating ingredients, hence the name. Microalgae and Squalane take care of the skin after shaving or exfoliating, two daily activities that strip the skin of its natural moisture. Once the product is absorbed, it works to target dark spots and brightens overtime. 

Apply a dime-sized amount to the face and neck, letting the formula soak in and do its work. Be gentle when applying the product, because excess friction to the face is a cause for wrinkles and creping.  Once everything is soaked in, you’re good to go – and we mentioned sunscreen already… right?

 YSE Beauty
photo by @91_lane

Dads, you deserve a major celebration. You’ve conquered it all, and your skin is proof of your many years of dedication. But just like anyone else, you too deserve to feel your best. So, indulge in a routine that leaves you time to still do what you love – whether that’s a round of golf, a trip to the hardware store, or a chance to “rest your eyes” on the couch… or all three.  Because you can do that too.