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The YSE Beauty Signature Facial by

Nobu Hotel Los Cabos

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

Summer skin has entered the chat. 

And with the warmer months comes some well deserved r&r. A little poolside action, a few days off the workout plan, a 10am order of chips and guac, and ugh, fine – one more paloma… if you insist

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, don’t call the travel agent quite yet, because Nobu Hotel Los Cabos has a special surprise for your summer travels. 

From June 30th to September 22nd, YSE Beauty and Esencia Wellness Spa have partnered to bring the YSE Beauty Signature Facial exclusively to the Nobu Hotel in Los Cabos. Designed by Molly’s personal facialist, Catherine Esposito, this facial will transform your complexion and definition with gentle actives and toning techniques. Yep, we’re bringing your best skin beachfront.

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If you’re in, book up, and if you’re overbooked, no fear. Our muse Jen Azoulay – better known as @jen_wonderssnuck away for a weekender to bring us the insider on the full experience. Maybe we’re jealous, but her trip seemed a bit too good to be true. 

The treatment features seven of our best selling products from cleanser to SPF, getting your bare skin beach ready in a sixty-minute luxury treatment. And it's not just about a good skin cleaning – this facial will sculpt and shape your overall structure with a lymphatic approach to reveal your most defined face yet. Effective ingredients, an undeniable glow, and an all-natural lift, all amongst the beauty of the Baja California Sur. 

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The treatment begins with a hydrating cleansing of the skin using our Take it Off Gel-Oil Cleanser. With soothing plant properties (and free of stripping soaps), this cleanser is ideal for the summer season. The skin-safe oils and antioxidants help to break down impurities and build up, gently revealing clean skin that feels hydrated and balanced. The cleanser acts as a slick base for a depuffing massage, helping the hands to glide nicely over the face to support stimulation and blood circulation.  

With the cleanser still on, the esthetician uses their knuckles to massage the masseter muscles. This brings relief to the tight tissue and helps to wake up the face with firm strokes to the skin. The area where the ear meets the jaw is a crucial spot for stimulation, as the lymph nodes sit here under the surface of the skin. 

 YSE Beauty

With a clean face, the esthetician follows with a gentle exfoliation using Your Favorite ExExfoliating Pads. These pads are soaked in glycolic acid to effectively clear the skin’s imperfections, dissolve dead skin cells and promote skin barrier repair. With the removal of the dulling grit and grime, the skin naturally reveals a brighter and smoother texture, while also clearing the skin’s surface to allow for serums to penetrate skin cells. If you ask us, this step is where the magic really happens. 

 YSE Beauty

To treat the eye area, the practitioner then applies The Overachiever Eye Patches for a boost of hydration and rejuvenation. Great for fine lines, swelling and irritation, these masks are packed with a punch to reveal a brighter and healthier under eye area.

While the patches go to work, the massage is focused on the cheek bone area. The hands glide in upwards motions to promote circulation in the cheeks. The increased blood flow will help to flush out any unwanted puffiness, revealing a firm, sculpted face.

 YSE Beauty

Following this step is our Vitamin C Serum, Morning Cocktail. This potent formula is paired with Niacinamide to reduce irritation and brighten the appearance of the skin’s surface. Weightless yet powerful, this serum works to guard the skin from UV rays and pollutants, while simultaneously reducing the look of dark spots.  And when applied with a sunscreen, this serum helps to protect the skin from UV damage, even more effectively than using SPF alone. The facialist treats the skin to the Xtremely Rich Moisturizer for a plumping and hydrating layer on top, all while locking in the powerful actives that have just been applied.

 YSE Beauty

With the skin now treated and the facial muscles stimulated, the Golden Sculpt Face Roller is used to melt the products deeper into the skin, and (more importantly) sculpt the surface. The esthetician begins the rolling process with a chilled roller to depuff, working the tool from the middle of the face outward to the ear to promote lymphatic drainage. The roller works through the forehead area down to the neck, using the smaller side of the tool to work on more detailed areas, like the eye sockets and nose. 

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And of course, the final step to beach ready skin – an award winning SPF.  With the Skin Glow Primer as the last product applied, the esthetician ensures that the freshly treated skin is properly protected from the strong summer sun.  But a shield isn’t all that this product delivers. Its lightweight formula includes blurring properties to even out the skin’s surface while encouraging that glassy sheen your face knows and loves – grease free, of course. 

 YSE Beauty

And the glow was real. The 60-minute treatment left Jen’s skin supply treated, naturally defined, and sun ready – no downtime needed.  Before she knew it, Jen was back poolside, soaking in the serenity of her Cabo weekender face first.

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