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Talking Overachiever with Dr. Tami Cassis

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

Ten days of The Overachiever, and the reviews are already rolling in. 

Coming from a team of product obsessed beauty buffs, we know what importance true testimonials hold in the skincare industry – and when it comes to licensed derms and skin specialists, we trust them like our own mothers. 

About a month ago, we seeded a group of experts with the final sample of the Overachiever Eye Patches. Following a few weeks of consistent use, the results are finally in – procedural assessments encouraged, refined expertise required. 

And must we say… we totally received the gold star. 

Our panel of experts included Dr. Cassis, board certified derm and director of Cassis Dermatology & Aesthetics Center in Louisville, Kentucky. Thirteen years on the Board of Dermatology with recognition from two state governors, Dr. Cassis knows a thing or two about a good product. So, we handed off the brightening eye patches to really put an emphasis behind the words dermatologist tested and we were thrilled to hear her reviews. 

Read on to hear our conversation with Dr. Cassis regarding all things Overachiever – from patches to personal embodiment, and everything in between.  

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YB: Let’s talk about how The Overachiever patches fit into a dermatologist recommended skincare routine.

TC: I look at The Overachiever as the final step for someone who does everything right with their routine, but still wants that extra boost. But I also look at it as a pick me up for the type that totally stinks at skincare and doesn't follow a routine. So, they're kind of a catch-all, you know? They’re helpful for an overachiever, helpful for an underachiever. They’re really for anyone.

YB: What kind of concerns do you personally have regarding your own under eye area?

TC: I'm 51, so I deal with chronic sun exposure. I'm a happy person, I’m very expressive and use my facial muscles all the time, and I have crepey wrinkles and fine lines because of it. I’m also Scandinavian – which puts me at a 1 on the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale – and I'm tall and thin. So as a result, I have those dark hollows and dark circles that I've struggled with my whole life. So, I love a good eye patch. And I do try to focus on my under eyes because it’s been a battle my whole life. 

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YB: There’s a handful of ways to address issues in the undereye area –  prescription creams, even professional procedures. How do these eye masks compare to other treatments available out there?

TC: Truly, people will continue with their procedures no matter what. They are going to spend all this money doing expensive lifts and quick fixes, whether it's Botox, filler, microneedling or lasers. But, if you’re doing these things, you’ve got to be on top of your upkeep. If you've spent on it, put the energy in, you've done the recovery and you're looking great, you’ll want to preserve that as long as possible. So, you’d better keep it going, and the way you’re gonna keep it going is with The Overachiever. And if your undereyes are in great condition, The Overachiever will keep them that way.

YB: Tell us the moments you find yourself reaching for The Overachiever – and when you do, do you notice a difference? 

TC: Absolutely. If I’m out drinking, or up late, I need them the next day. 20 minutes, I take them off, and boom, I look normal again. Before I go to a big event, I put them on as I’m getting ready, I blow dry my hair while they’re working, pull them off, and I look even better than my normal. Molly’s really got a brilliant formula, a brilliant product. Honestly.

YB: Our formula is jam packed with actives and skin loving elements. What key ingredients in The Overachiever do you put an emphasis on in your practice?

TC: Having Vitamin C in the formulation is fantastic. Antioxidants are great for fine lines, wrinkles and brown spots, and caffeine is what will help with the dark circles. And I love centella for the under eye area. It’s tiger grass, which is part of the parsley family, and is so soothing to the skin. I think that's a super amazing addition to the formula. 

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YB: The Overachiever Eye Patches are the epitome of on-the-go skincare, which for women like us, could mean anywhere. What are your favorite moments you’ve been caught Overachieving?

TC: I travel out west a lot, which my skin hates to do. Travel is tough, planes are tough, and in the past I’d be bummed with my vacation pictures because of how the plane air would affect my skin. I was always like, man, do I look just not great

So, I just decided that day that I wouldn’t travel without wearing eye patches on the plane. I board, buckle my seatbelt, and pull out my patches. And so of course, I get the goofy stares from the kids. But the women give me a look like, oh shoot, I should have brought my eye patches… like why did I not? And now that they’re these chic YSE ones, I now get asked if I have any extra pairs on me. It’s pretty funny. 

YB: How are you an overachiever in your own right? 

TC: Hm. It's a little unnatural for a doctor to say, look at me. Most doctors, at least. I have a very busy practice, and I do love to learn. So, I'm always feeling blessed. I'm a board certified dermatologist, and there's not many of those. I think I was the first single female practice to open up in the state of Kentucky, but there's 50 states, so who cares. I’m really about overachieving because I want women to achieve more than anything. I want to see women succeed, and that's why I do what I do. 

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Learn more about Dr Cassis’s practice at www.cassisderm.com.

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