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Today with Alessandra Codinha

Written by Elizabeth Gehl

Writer, editor, tastemaker, dog mother.

Not listed in order of importance.

Alessandra’s life in Laurel Canyon is a bit quieter than it was in the soundly textured NYC neighborhood of Tribeca. Perhaps it's better for a writer like herself – and her golden retriever child of ten years, Hugo –, or, maybe it’s merely a differing sense of inspiration from what the charmed cityscape once brought her.

Here, she hands her words off to magazines, brands, modernized publications, and to her loyal readers of Here We Go, her Substack newsletter. Her days at Vogue as their online culture editor served as the stepping stool to the basis of her current project – a raw, real edit of whatever deserves to be spoken about. Cool shoes, new books, underrated staycations, an unexpected hangover – essentially the chicest stream of consciousness you’ve ever experienced.

Her days, as disciplined as they are tranquil, revolve around momentary writing projects, research, meetings, exercise, and of course, moments with Hugo. Once again, not listed in order of importance. 

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6:30AM — Wakeup — Just enough time to make it to Silver Springs for a morning workout. Some days, her wakeup call more realistically starts at 7am, but the days she can force herself to an early commitment, she thanks herself later for. Alessandra tries to incorporate movement into each day, whether it’s a heated studio class or a long canyon walk with the dog. Her neighborhood and the world around her is a necessary piece to her creative flow, so starting the day by leaving the house is to her benefit. Stopping by Laurel Canyon Cafe on her way home, she begins her work day well-equipped.

10:30AM — Interview — As a freelance contributor, her relationship with her clients is paramount, both for ease of collaboration and for a streamlined creative process. Mornings are productive and often adorned with meetings or discussions with collaborators. As a writer, this is her time to connect, align, and get organized. With the Overachiever Eye Masks on, she fleshes out her to-do list. She lets the patches work their magic within these fifteen minutes of zen. A final sip of coffee and the flip of a fresh planner page, and it’s time for a lunch date.

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12PM — Lunch Meeting — Her canyon residence is an Eden in itself, but lasting inspiration comes from the eclecticism of paralleling lives in her city. Thus, she heads down the hill for a quick bite at San Vicente Bungalows, a members club hosting LA’s busiest players – both the front facing, and the not-so-much. She discards her patches on the way in, revealing a revitalized face right on time. Her catchup consists of a matcha and a project briefing, and she’s off to the next. 

1:30PM — Set Visit — She’d rather be early than on time, so she gets a head start down Santa Monica Boulevard to catch a project at its prime. As a creative consultant, it works in her benefit to lay eyes on the current campaign coming to life, even if it's thirty minutes until she has to get back to her desk. Hugo is most likely nose-to-the-door anyways, her idled cursor awaiting her return. 

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2PM — Write — Back at her sanctuary, she locks in – her backdrop a lush view of Laurel Canyon’s greenscape. Here, she writes. She notes the chaos from her train of thought, fine tunes her upcoming newsletter entry, and breaks through the roadblock that mentally delayed her next commissioned piece. Nothing about her canyon abode holds back from igniting her work, especially when her writing session is accompanied by an ever-so-loving retriever at her feet. This is her personal bliss. 

4PM — Peace and Quiet — Alessandra files through to the dog-eared page of her Eve Babitz novel that merely brings the walls of her LA apartment to life. If she lives in the city, she might as well submerge herself in it, turning to the pages that tell the stories of its history. Perhaps she spends some extra time with Hugo as he naps beside her, or maybe he’s jonesing for a stroll around the block. In the evening, two becomes three, as her partner pulls into the driveway right on time. 

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5:30PM — Get Ready — Though a home-cooked dinner date and a french film is a dream disguised as an average evening, her attendance is expected at a brand dinner, which to be fair, sounds lovely enough. Steam shower complete, her outfit is displayed on the bed; she preps for her evening by transporting her go-to lip and house keys into her nighttime bag. Upon her outfit change, she swipes on her Merit stick foundation, complete with a balmy blush to compliment her oh-so quenched skin – and of course, a little Ruby Woo from Mac, because there is no wrong time for a red lip. 

7PM — Dinner — To be surrounded by like minds on a weekday night is a treat, as nothing compares to a good drink and a laugh with friends. If she’s lucky, she might serve as an audience member to a well-positioned speaker, or perhaps be sat across from an industry contemporary she looks forward to catching up with. Upon the clearing of the dessert plates, she makes her way back up the hill to her analogue style clock and silk pajamas, two components of making tomorrow’s wakeup call a little more peaceful.

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And from dawn to dusk, Alessandra has rightfully Overachieved

In a day’s work, she cleared her list — some work, some Hugo time, something good for the brain, and something good for the heart.

Not listed in order of importance. 🐾